Thursday, February 26, 2009

Good times

We spent Saturday and Sunday after Papa and Gigi left cleaning and putting the playroom back together.  It is funny- Tyler has not played with his Geo Tracks train for weeks, but we took it down to make room in the playroom for Papa and Gigi to sleep, and he has not stopped asking about it.  It takes a good couple hours to reconstruct it, so that was Rich's job.  He complains while he is putting it together, but I think that he really likes it.
Tyler decided to take all of the balls out of the foldable hamper that we keep them in and Jackson decided he would investigate it- but he got stuck and was not very happy.  He is at the stage where he can get into a lot, but is not real good at getting down or out.
Tyler wanted to help me fold the laundry, but as you can see in the picture, his folding is actually rolling.  But we let him just go ahead.  I don't want to discourage him from wanting to help fold clothes!  Oh, and he wanted his sun glasses on because it was too bright.
Yes, he is naked playing the guitar- I couldn't resist.

Papa and Gigi go home

We took Papa and Gigi to the airport on Friday to go home.  We had a great week with them and can't wait to see them again.  The boys already miss them.  Whenever we go somewhere, Tyler wants Papa and Gigi to come too, but we have to explain to them that they went to their home and we will see them again soon.

This is the waterfall in the Sarasota airport that Tyler loves.  Thanks for a great visit!  We miss you already!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Papa and Gigi go to Mickey's house

On Wednesday of last week, we took Papa and Gigi to Magic Kingdom (Mickey's House).  They have not been since we were little, so Tyler wanted to show them all around.  Stop one- the Jungle cruise and steering wheels afterwards.
Jackson in the Pirates of the Caribbean gift shop.
I have got to figure out how to transfer video from our camera to the MAC because this picture doesn't do this story justice- but I will try to explain.  Outside the Pirates ride, they have a little pirate skit they put on every so often with Capt. Jack Sparrow and Max.  They ask for volunteers from the audience to come up at 2 different times.  Tyler has volunteered many times before and they finally called on him for the swordfight.  The idea is for the kids to swing the sword a few times, PRETEND to strike the pirate in the belly, and then distract him and run away.  As you can imagine, the only part Tyler did right is to swordfight.  After which he struck the actor in the belly and then started chasing after him with the sword.  The actor had no where to really go because there was a huge crowd surrounding the performance.  So Tyler was chasing him around the circle and Captain Jack was chasing Tyler, and they were running in circles.  I have not laughed that hard in a long time and the crowd loved it.

Tyler and Gigi on Aladdin's Magic Carpet ride.
Papa and Gigi on Small World.
If you can't tell from the blue eyes that Jack is my son, then his obsession with ice cream is another dead give away. 
Watching the "Mickey show" in front of the castle.

We finally got Dad to go on the Buzz Lightyear ride.  I think he had fun!
The whole family in front of the Castle.  We had a great time.

And wore the boys out.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Papa and Gigi go see the puppies

We took Papa and Gigi to one of our favorite places- The Southeastern Guidedog Association.   We went for puppy hugging in the morning.  They had a great time with all of the puppies and seeing Tyler and Jackson having fun.

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Birthday Boys

We decided to do presents before we did cake- since it was Jackson's 1st birthday and we were not sure how much of a mess he would make.  

One of Tyler's favorite presents was a Mr. Potato Head.  They have a huge assortment of accessories at Downtown Disney for all different characters like a pirate, Buzz Lightyear (one of our favorites), the Incredibles, Mickey, and lots of other things he loved.  They charge you by the box full- as many accessories you can cram in.  That was fun.  But Tyler loves it and on our next trip, I have a feeling we will be getting another boxful.

Ty also got a guitar, which he tried to show Jack how to use.
Jackson loves these Ooo balls.  They are easy to hold for the little ones, but still fun for the older ones (Ty) to play with.
Tyler picked out present for Jack at the store this past weekend.  It is a cute little mailbox with plastic letters and packages.  I think he wanted it more than he wanted to give it to his brother- he asked about it everyday.  And as you can see from the pictures, he "helped" Jack open it, but he has played with it way more than Jack has.

Happy 1st Birthday, Jackson!

We celebrated both boys' birthdays on Sunday.  We were so lucky to have Mom and Dad here for them- I know that the boys have been so excited.  I cannot believe Jackson is 1!  My little baby is growing up so fast- it makes me kind of sad.  But he had fun- not much of a cake fan, but loved mashing it up.  Tyler had to help blow out the candles.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Tyler!

Today (Monday) was Tyler's official birthday, but we celebrated both of the boys' birthdays on Sunday.  Here is Tyler and his cake which he decorated.  He was so excited to blow out the candles, but had a little trouble, so Dad helped the first time and Gigi helped the 2nd time- yes- we blew out the candles more than once.  I hope that is not bad luck!  Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of the cupcake that Tyler ate.  He loved to help decorate his big cake with the icing and sprinkles, but does not like to eat icing.  So he just had a plain cupcake- no frosting.  Not very exciting, but he liked it!

outside fun

After Papa and Gigi dropped their bags off, we went outside for some playtime.

Both boys have their birthdays this week.  Tyler wanted to help decorate his cake with LOTS of sprinkles.