Thursday, November 27, 2008

Jackson is on the move!

Jackson finally decided to start crawling yesterday.  I think he is happier now that he can at least attempt to keep up with his brother and get into all his toys.  I don't know how happy Tyler is about it!


Tyler loves being a big brother.  He is so good with Jackson.  He loves to sing "Rock a bye baby" to him.  And Jackson adores his big brother.

And blow bubbles to him...
I love my big brother.

And show him things.
Here he is showing Jackson some dance moves...

Decorating the tree

Tyler really got into decorating the Christmas trees this year.  We put 2 trees up- one in the family room that has all the fun ornaments and one in the living room with the nicer ornaments on it.  Tyler helped with both and only broke 2 ornaments.  Which is pretty good considering anything that falls on the tile breaks instantly.  Needless to say, I am not putting up my good crystal ornaments this year!  
Tyler had a favorite spot that he liked to hang the ornaments.  We ended up with about 12 ornaments in the same spot.  The only reason he didn't put more is because they started all falling off.

This day is for the birds...

Tyler loves to get ready with Rich in the mornings.  He puts the shaving cream on and pretends to shave, brushes his teeth, and fixes his hair.  It is really cute.  He loves to brush his teeth, and check out his tongue...

We also have some new pets- sand hill cranes.  Apparently they are very friendly.  They will come right up to you if you walk out the door, or if they are far away and you call them, they will come running.  They mate for life and usually stay in the same general area their whole life.  So I guess they will be around for a while.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Rock stars

While on our trip, we got some toys for the boys to play with at Rich's parents' house.  Tyler picked out a guitar and microphone and Jackson wouldn't put down this little drum set.  So we got them and had a rock concert at the house all weekend long.  I need to get some video of Tyler singing- it is hilarious.  He likes to sing "I like_______", whatever his food of the moment may be.  For a while, it was candy corn, then it was popcorn. It changes hourly.  Nicole was fortunate enough to experience the "candy corn" version while she was visiting with us and got a good laugh.

Jackson liked the guitar also.
Snack break.

Tyler on guitar and Jackson on drums.

Fall in Georgia

Since we moved to Florida in mid July, we missed out on fall this year.  Which makes me a little sad because I have always loved the leaves in the fall.  But at least we got to see them on our visit and Tyler got to play in them. 
He had fun throwing them...
Covering up Daddy...

And Mommy...

And Tyler...

He is such a big helper!
Jackson even got in on the fun.  Even though fun for him was eating the leaves, not playing in them.  It's funny-  I can't get him to eat any hard foods (crackers, cookies, stars, etc.) but he loves to eat everything else that he is not supposed to eat; like paper, sticks, sand, and leaves.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bus driver Tyler

We spent the last two days of our trip to Atlanta at Rich's parents' house.  Rich's Dad drives a school bus and brought it home for Tyler to see. He had a blast.  He buckled right up and started driving (or at least trying to anyway).  
"This way."  He also enjoyed telling us all where to sit.
After Tyler played for a while, Gram and Gramps took him for a real ride on the bus around their neighborhood.  He had fun. 

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Besides seeing family, we got to see some of our friends.  Unfortunately, I forgot the card for my camera when we got together with Paige, Davis, and Grayson.  But I did remember it when we got together with Christine and Kylie.  Once they both warmed up to each other, it was like old times.  I think they had a lot of fun.  How cute- maybe an arranged marriage in their future?

Gym class

Since we missed Tyler's Little Gym class, we went with Will and Susan to their class.  After Tyler got over looking for Ms. Jenna (his teacher whom he loves), he found the big foam pit.  We spent most of the class jumping, swinging, and falling into a big pit filled with big, blue foam squares.  Again, having no fear, Tyler just ran and jumped in.