Saturday, April 11, 2009

Disney- here we come (again)

One of Rich's good friends (and Jackson's Godfather) from New York was in town for one of his daughter's cheer competitions.  So, we headed over to Disney, our home away from home.  And of course the first thing the boys did at the hotel was make themselves right at home by jumping and climbing on every surface they could.
We met up with The Stafford family at Downtown Disney.  And Tyler had to make his usual stops-  The Mr. Potatoe Head store and The Lego store.
Say "ccchhheeeeeeessssseeeeee"
The next day, we met Neil and his family at their hotel-The Polynesian and grabbed some free breakfast from their breakfast bar- thanks guys!  Then jumped the monorail for The Magic Kingdom.

Jackson with his cool dude shades on.
Pirates of the Caribbean ride.  How did Rich get stuck up front alone with all the kids?  We should have made a run for it when we had the chance!
Our traditional after-ride sword fight.
Tyler stealing Jack's cheerios.
Ellie and Lily were so good with both boys.  Tyler loved the attention and "hanging" out with the older kids.
Taking a break to watch the show.
Jack's turn to ride Daddy;s shoulders.
Tyler and Jackson decided to rearrange the toys at one of the little booths that were set up outside of the Buzz Lightyear ride.  I am sure that they loved us!
They had a remote control green alien out that the boys had fun playing with.

What's a trip to Disney without a Mickey ice cream?

Jack getting in on the ice cream action.

Tyler and Ellie on the Buzz Lightyear ride.
We took a little break and went back to The Polynesian for a quick dip in the pool.  
Jack finally crashed that night at the park with his hand in his cheerio cup- after about 2 1/2 hours of screaming.

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