Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tyler's late bday party

Both boys had their birthdays' back in February (Tyler the 16th and Jackson the 21st).  Papa and Gigi were here so we had a little family party for them.  Well, Tyler has not stopped talking about having a "Buzz" (Lightyear from Toy Story) party.  He would take Macy's (our cat) string and hang it up and "decorate" for his party.  I kept putting it off thinking he would forget about it, but no such luck.  So, we finally had a little party with a few of his friends at our neighborhood pool.  And we got double lucky in that Gram and Gramps were here for his second party!  So both grandparents got to be at one of the parties!

Jackson wanted nothing to do with cake when it was his birthday, but he is quite the little piggy now!

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