Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hollywood Studios

We spent the next day at Hollywood Studios.  
Ty and Jack playing Ring around the "tree".
On the Backlot tour.

I love this one with Tyler covering his eyes.
I think Jack's favorite part of the week was the balloon man.  I think Jack would have followed him all over the park saying "bbllll" (balloon) if we would have let him. 

Tyler watching the parade and Jackson dancing in the streets.

We got under cover just before it started to pour, and it worked out well, because the boys had just fallen asleep.

Toy Story Mania 4D ride.
Neil, Rich, and the balloon man.

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Anonymous said...

This looks simultaneously tiring as all get out - an amusement park in the summer with two kids - and amazing - watching your two kids enjoy the wonder of their first big time amusement park!